Hello! My name is Princess Stephanie

10 years ago I decided to start living my childhood dream of being a princess, by teaching little girls around Montreal how to become a ‘’real ‘’ princess and make their birthday parties as magical as possible!

Yeah, I know… A Princess! You’re probably thinking ‘’the last thing I need is for my daughter to think she’s a real princess!

I understand… in this day in age, being a princess is too often associated with high maintenance, spoiled little rich girls, or it means waiting for a prince charming to sweep us off our feet! I went through those 2 phases and I really wasn’t feeling like a princess, and forget about getting my happily ever after! So that’s when I decide to be the princess I was and I started doing princess parties for little girls! What first started out as an excuse for me to dress up in beautiful dresses and wear a tiara soon became a passion for sharing my vision of what it means to be a princess! After just a few parties, I quickly realized that these little girls really look up to us ‘’Princesses’’ and so I should really thrive to be the best example possible for them. So what we teach is that being a princess is in your heart! It’s not just about the dresses and the tiara, although those are certainly fun to play with! But it’s more than that! It’s about showing your kindness to people around you and helping others.

If you would like your little girl to grow up to be a strong ‘’Princess’’

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A little bit more about PBP

PBP is a new identity to a long time running princess party business that was started by Princess Stephanie in Montreal, Canada in 2005. Her strong reputation for her remarkable parties lived long after she had left Montreal. So she wanted to find a way to keep making dreams come true even though she could no longer run the daily operations. The idea of allowing her staff to continue what she had built gave her such joy, that she also decided to offer all of her past 12 years’ experience to any Princess out there, who like her, are not too thrilled with regular jobs and would like to live their fairytale dreams of being a true princess and making magical birthday dreams come true. Thus was born Princess Birthday Parties!

Unlike other companies, where girls pretend to be a famous princess, we at PBP, truly believe we are real princesses and that is what makes are parties so much more magical.

What does it take to be a PBP Princess?

A true princess stands by her values, values like, a sense of adventure, a belief that the impossible is achievable, respect for people of all shades, shapes and sizes, that friendly is fun, honesty is the best policy even when it’s the hardest way, that laughter make life great and that adding little bit of fairytale magic makes everything so much better! We believe that there is a lot more to being a princess than wearing poufy dresses and diamond tiaras, although those are certainly fun to play with! Being a princess is all about compassion and caring. We believe that being a Princess is being:

Those are the seeds we discreetly plant as we make their birthday wishes come true!

I ndependant
Naturally beautiful

If you feel like you ARE a princess and would love to join us

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